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Welcome To Icy Coder

Hello 🌎, I'm a software engineer and the creator of icycoder.com. I am hoping this website serves as a valuable knowledge base and resource for developers of all levels. Initially I will be authoring all of the content until I can flesh out a system of incentives for others to contribute to the site.

There are many ways to learn about computer science and software engineering on the internet. Some of those include:

  • Software Documentation
  • YouTube
  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Personal & Community Blogs
  • Many, many, more...

One particular reason that Medium has become an excellent resource, is that so often (probably always) software documentation always has assumptions or will not provide the full breadth of information needs that developers will have. Medium articles by independent creators will typically address some specific problems that developers run into - developers will have basically an infinite amount of use cases and so the creators of software specific documentation will not be able to cover all of those.

Medium provided not only a platform for independent writers, but also a paywall that rewards those writers in a respectable way.

The concept of decentralization was introduced to the world in a big way with the inception of the internet, but since then and especially recently (~2010-2021+) centralization has continued to slowly creap it's way into the internet ecosystem. I suspect and hope that independent creators and indie applications will restore an open and free network that once was the internet before sensorship became a norm.

My point is that I fundamentally believe the blogsphere will regain it's popularity and is a net-good for the future of the world. 🤓

Web Technologies On the Radar For 2021 and Beyond

These are some of the technologies that will be the focus for content on icycoder for the rest of - at least - 2021. This list will likely grow as more content comes out.

  • NextJS -> opinionated React framework supporting hybrid SSR, CSR, & SSG (powers icycoder 😉)
  • Module Federation -> webpack 5 plugin introducing distribute orchestration architecture
  • XState -> finite state machine state management
  • MDX -> markdown for the component era
  • Solidity &| Web 3.0 -> language for implementing smart contracts on the ethereum network and web 3.0 dApps (decentralized apps)

Contributing: Authors & Developers

Anyone interested in contributing an articles or programming guides are welcome to open pull requests to the syntux repository.

Before contributing you'll want to have at least a general understanding about how React works, and how to write with markdown syntax. The file format for guides and articles on icycoder are a mixture of markdown and jsx -> MDX!

Start contributing today by cloning the syntux repo and adding your own .mdx file! 😊

Pull Request Checklist

  • File must be in the /src/pages/posts directory
  • File must follow naming convention: slug-of-guide.mdx
  • Top of the file must contain appropriate metadata see other pages for examples (metadata guidelines coming soon)
  • For first time contributors you must also add yourself as an author in authors.yaml in the /meta directory (see icycoder author example at the top of the file)

Review - How does one contribute an article or guide to icycoder?

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